Trend Report

Deliver into our column, where we explore two key themes:
High-end furniture and the intriguing business narratives surrounding it, along with visits to architects' offices.
Get ready as we unleash a stream of creatively infused trends.

Interior trend report

  • 01. Art as the Keyword :
    The Unique Personality of Italian Brand Furniture


    As Japan's contemporary art market flourishes,Italian furniture brands renowned for their artistic essence are swiftly expanding into the country. Expectations are mounting for how they will Attract Japanese consumers and invigorate the Japanese market.

  • 02. The Loft in the New Store is an Office?
    A Visit with Naoki Terada


    The offices of talented architects and designers are spaces where their personal philosophies, aesthetics, and unique creativity are vividly reflected. These places transcend mere workplaces, becoming sites where their thoughts and inspirations take shape. We explore such offices, which can be considered the wellsprings of their creativity, to discover how they think and express their creativity within these environments, and how innovative ideas are born.