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Experience Area in East Hall 6

Free Admission: Open to All.

29 May(Wed)14:30 ~ 15:15

Designing Irresistible Gathering Spaces:
What Makes an Office Attractive?

Presented by OKAMURA

As remote working increases and work becomes less tied to specific locations, what kind of office is a place people genuinely "want to go to"? What kind of environment is needed for people to gather and create new value? This seminar will delve into the book Offices You Want to Go To: Designing Spaces for Gathering and explore ideas for creating spaces and new possibilities for space design through a discussion with architect Maki Onishi.

Maki Onishi
Maki Onishi
Director and Co Founder of onishimaki+hyakudayuki /
o+h Professor at Yokohama National University (Y GSA)

1983 born in Japan 2006 graduated Kyoto University 2008 completed master’s degree at the University of Tokyo 2008 started onishimaki+hyakudayuki / o+h 2023 AIJ Prize 2023 (Architectural Design Division) "Shelter Inclusive Place 2023The 64th BCS PRIZE "Shelter Inclusive Place

Ai Hanada
Ai Hanada
Research Center Manager of
Work Design Research Institute,

After completing her postgraduate studies, she joined OKAMURA CORPORATION. Her field of expertise is art engineering. After working as a spatial designer, she now focuses on communication and spatial environments, engaging in research on future workstyles and the spatial needs that accompany them. She holds a Ph.D. (Academia). She is a guest lecturer at Osaka University's School of International Public Policy and a part-time lecturer at Nagoya City University. She is the author of the book Offices Can Be More Fun: Diversity in Workstyles and Spaces.

30 May(Thu.)12:45 ~ 13:30

Designing “BA (Space)” for Innovation

Presented by KOKUYO

With the diversification of working styles prompting a re-evaluation of the role of the office, interest is growing in how the office environment impacts workers' creativity. What exactly is "creativity" in the workplace, and what kind of space fosters it? This session will explore these issues from the perspective of "designing spaces for innovation."

Yuichi INOBORI, Ph.D.
Yuichi INOBORI, Ph.D.
Senior Executive Vice President /
Design Strategist, INFOBAHN INC.

Dr. Yuichi Inobori began his career as a design practitioner focused on human-centred design in the early 2000s. While holistically designing products and services across diverse fields, he has also been involved in design education and research. In recent years, he has been concentrating on "organisational culture design," which stimulates creativity within organisations to serve as a starting point for generating new value. He holds a Ph.D. in Management Science from Kyoto University's Graduate School of Management.

Atsuko Saitou
Atsuko Saitou
Senior Researcher,
Work Style Innovation Department,
KOKUYO Co., Ltd.

With a background in spatial design, Atsuko Saitou specialises in creating spaces that bring out the creativity in people and organisations. At KOKUYO, she conducts research and development into next-generation workstyles and work environments while also serving as a board member of Future Center Alliance Japan, an open innovation platform organisation. She is also engaged in collaborative research, development, and practical management of organisations both domestically and internationally, specifically focusing on co-creation.

30 May(Thu.)14:00 ~ 14:45

"Product Designers and Architects: Office Design from Each Perspective"

Presented by ITOKI

Furniture design approached by product designers and furniture design approached by architects will both be discussed from different standpoints. They will share insights into the ideal role of furniture in office spaces, the requirements of future offices, and the vision of future workplaces, each from their own perspective and through their previous work.

Fumie Shibata
Fumie Shibata
Product designer /
Design Studio S, Representative

She has been working on many projects with domestic and overseas brands, including electronic goods, daily goods, medical equipment, and hotel creative direction. She has received among others the iF Gold Award, and the Design for Asia Top, Culture, and Gold Awards. Works as Professor of Tama Art University.

Keiji Ashizawa
Keiji Ashizawa
Keiji Ashizawa Design, Founder

Keiji Ashizawa founded his studio Keiji Ashizawa Design in 2005, whose motto is 'Honest Design'. Ashizawa designs architecture, interiors and furniture with an emphasis on craft. He is also the representative of Ishinomaki Laboratory, which was born in result of the recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake. His works range from domestic and international architecture and interior projects, including the recent TRUNK (HOTEL) YOYOGI PARK, along with designs for furniture manufacturers such as Karimoku Furniture and KOKUYO.

31 May(Fri.)14:00 ~ 14:45

"Steel Changes the Future."
—Contributions to future designs through attaining carbon neutrality—

Presented by NIPPON STEEL

An introduction of current and future environmental initiatives in the steel industry under the theme of “contribution to future design” and keywords “carbon neutral.”
Allow us to propose environmentally friendly Monozukuri (an art of manufacturing) through steel products born from these initiatives that contribute to CO2 reduction and carbon neutrality (Designing Metal), solution technologies, and actual examples of application

Tomomi Ishijima
Tomomi Ishijima
Flat Products Unit Manager,

Joined the company in 2014. Ms. Ishijima was first appointed to the Flat Products Marketing Div., Flat Products Unit at headquarters, to work in domestic sales for Japanese manufacturers of electrical appliances and steel furniture. She went on to experience human resources at a steelwork in Nagoya before returning to her present position in the Flat Products Unit. Her work focuses on promotion of elements such as DX and GX, as the flag-bearer for issues across overall divisions. Her motto is to be “bright, fun, and positive.”

Risa Shioda
Risa Shioda
Flat Products Unit member,

Joined the company in 2019. Ms. Shioda’s first assignment was manufacturing control for automobiles and steel management for group companies in the Kimitsu region at East Nippon Works. She was transferred to headquarters to take her current position for sales geared toward domestic furniture manufacturers. She has been making full efforts every day to develop and adopt well-designed solutions and products for CO2 reduction as part of efforts being made toward carbon neutrality