Designer Insights: The Future of Offices

02. The Loft in the New Store is an Office?
A Visit with Naoki Terada

Naoki Terada is a versatile architect and designer, known for his work in interior and furniture design as well as for creating new ventures like "TERADA MOKEI" He is the head of inter office, a company that deals in office furniture sales and spatial proposals, and in February 2024, he even opened a new store that embodies his design philosophy. We sought out his perspective on the concept of the office.

Report by Miki Honma / Lifestyle journalist

The office has two modes.

Naoki Terada began speaking about "MAARKET Tokyo," a shop opened by inter office in Gaiemmae, Tokyo. Surprisingly, there is an off-limits loft space within the store, which also functions as one of Mr. Terada's offices.

The new store "MAARKET Tokyo," under the leadership of CEO Terada at inter office, has opened in Gaiemmae, Tokyo.

"I believe there are two modes in the office. It's more about a state of mind than the physical space, I suppose. One is the private mode—a time for focusing inward, writing documents, compiling designs. It's the state of bringing one's internal thoughts into form. The other is the public mode, which involves holding meetings, going out for research, dining, exchanging information and opinions with others, and making presentations."


Mr. Terada says, "Private mode doesn't depend on the place or time. Whether I'm driving a car, walking in the park, or taking a shower, inspiration can strike suddenly. It's part of our lives. "

On the other hand, he says that public mode still needs to be a place where people can come together.
"At that time, whether we talk in the comfort of my own office, meet in assemble in an inorganic, noiseless and anonymous place, or discuss within the 'away' place of the other person's office, I feel that the ideas generated and the conclusions reached can vary," Mr. Terada analyzes the relationship between the work environment and creativity.