Living Dining Kitchen +W Supported by ACTUS

Living Dining Kitchen +W
The Home Office of the Future

The COVID pandemic has led to a shift in workstyles and hybrid work has taken root. Working remotely from home has become the norm.

Building upon this shift, ORGATEC TOKYO proposes the +W Space.

The concept is simple — adding work(+W)to living spaces. The working space could range from a separate study to a workspace within a living or dining room.

Smartly adapt your floorplan and harmonize the spaces you live and work in for a comfortable, efficient lifestyle and workstyle.
Explore the +W products perfect for +W spaces from various brands here.
The「+W Space」, a new way of working from home.


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Participating exhibitors

Aico / Adal / &MEDICAL / Inoue Kinko-Group / Itoki / Inaba International / Uchida Yoko / Evis Furniture / Okamura / Kawashima Selkon Textiles / Kurogane Kosakusho / SANCAL / Daishin Kogyo / Ohchi Nursery / TAC / Technogym Japan / Tokyo Velludo / Dorix / Vidhayakom / Häfele Japan / Pixie Dust Technologies / Fuji Furniture / PLUS / Flexispot Japan / Moriden