Interior trend report

01. Art as the Keyword :
The Unique Personality of Italian Brand Furniture

In the midst of Japan's growing contemporary art market, artistic Italian furniture brands are making a concerted entry. The unfolding of not only the products, but also the brand's worldview, coupled with genuine brand messaging that doesn't rely on social media and demonstrates a sincere approach, is poised to capture the consciousness of Japanese consumers. The future holds great promise for how these initiatives will bring a breath of fresh air to the Japanese market.

Report by Miki Homma, Lifestyle Journalist

Living House launches the sale of 'edra'.

edra, known for its designs that are unforgettable at first glance, is an Italian furniture brand. It takes courage to handle edra in the Japanese market, where serene designs are preferred. However, Living House (Osaka) has raised its hand to take on this challenge. Official stores have opened in Minami-Horie, Osaka, and Shibuya, Tokyo.

Inside edra's new store on the second floor of Living House in Minami-Horie, Osaka.

One of the most renowned pieces in Japan is the 'Getsuen' armchair by Masanori Umeda, which resembles a lily in bloom. Also famous is the VermeIha armchair, an ambitious work by the Campana brothers, hand-woven from 500 metres of cord. The cord is a double-layer construction of cotton and acrylic, an original of the company. And the 'Margherita' chair, which looks like a tangle of transparent polycarbonate, is a work of art. (Photo below)
The highly individualistic design of the furniture, with a hint of postmodernism, was for a time popular in Japan as a symbol of the bubble era.

One of Edra's iconic furniture pieces, 'Margherita,' surprised the world with its innovative use of materials.

Tomoko Hariu, the newly appointed Brand Manager, commented, 'While luxury markets such as watches and cars have seen positive trends in recent years, Japan still has a limited presence in the furniture and interior design category. Foreseeing the global growth of the contemporary art market, I saw an opportunity to enter the market and decided to introduce edra's artistic products. She also revealed plans for a full-fledged flagship store in Tokyo.

While being distinctive, [On the Rock (edra)] seems to be a good fit for diverse places,
including public spaces.

According to Ms. Hariu, while the actual best-seller seems to be the versatile sofa (pictured above), edra's strength lies in offering a multitude of iconic furniture in an era fueled by art.